Trevor Wallace is an amazing MMA fight from a small town (Fulton, MS). Being a family man and
fighter goes hand in hand, Teaching 17-20 fitness classes per week and daily training on his craft resulted
in his last 4 fights being won by knockout. He currently the #1 Pro Heavyweight in MS.

LMD: Trevor tell me about your hometown.
TREVOR: I’m from Fulton, Mississippi. Just your typical Mississippi small town with around 2,500 people.

LMD: Trevor your last 4 fights were won by striking. The last fight at LFA 99 against Cesar Gutierrez
was over in 58 seconds the first round. Was that your game plan?
TREVOR: My game plan in every fight is to KO my opponents whether it be by striking or Ground and Pound.

LMD: How do you feel about being ranked the #1 Pro Heavyweight in Mississippi?
TREVOR: It’s a honor but by no means my ultimate goal.

LMD: What are your ultimate goals in MMA and what/who inspired you to start competing?
TREVOR: I want to be a World Class Athlete & Ultimately a World Champion. Jamie Houston was my main
influence in getting involved with MMA.

LMD: What drives you when you wake up each day to train and compete?
TREVOR: To be the best I can possibly be while representing my family and where I’m from.

LMD: What are your personal goals outside of MMA?
TREVOR: To be a great Husband and Father to my family.

LMD: Briefly summarize an average day of your life.
TREVOR: Everyday I wake up and eat breakfast before heading to teach fitness classes for the day, I typically teach 17-20 fitness classes per week, after my first class of the day I train for an hour and a half to two hours before I eat lunch. After lunch I’ll do cardio for 15-30 minutes before heading back to the gym to teach my evening fitness class. Once I’m done teaching fitness classes I start my night training. Monday-Thursday evening training lasts from 6-9:30. After training I chill out and eat dinner before calling it a night.

LMD: Why did you start doing MMA?
TREVOR: Jamie Houston told me I could have a bright future in the sport.

LMD: What makes your fight team special?
TREVOR: Our Coaches, Supporting Cast, and Our World Champion Jaleel Willis.

LMD: What ways can you recognize another fighter’s competing style/fight strategy?
TREVOR: I use break down fighters with film study. The Camera never lies.

LMD: Which fight do you reflect on the most? What was your favorite fight?
TREVOR: My first loss as an Amateur against Anthony Daughtery. The Next One!

LMD: f you could have one dream fight with anyone, who would it be?
TREVOR: My dream fight would be fighting anyone for a world title, no particular person.

LMD: Who in your camp should your supporters keep an eye on in the future?
TREVOR: Trey Manly, Tee Cummins, Raheem Forest, Keith Dowell, and Kevin Pease.


⦁ One thing you want to achieve: Tranquility

⦁Your best friend: My Wife, Kelsey Wallace

⦁ Who is your hero/inspiration: My Father, Don Wallace

⦁ Favorite Beverage: Sweet Tea

⦁ Describe yourself in 3 words: Hustler, Ambitious, Electric

⦁ Best personality trait: Outgoing

⦁ Favorite movie: Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone

⦁ Your hidden talent: Grill Master

⦁ Dream vacation: Jamaica 

⦁ Favorite food: Steak/ Chocolate

⦁ Toughest opponent: Myself

⦁ Favorite sports team: Steelers


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