Kevin Pease is the #1 Amateur Lightweight and Welterweight in TN and MS. He is a ground and pound fighter that currently holds two championship belts with SFC and Pyramid fighting promotions. Kevin was a pleasure to interview and has an uplifting positive attitude.

LMD: Tell me a little about your hometown of Memphis?
KEVIN: I am from Midtown Memphis.

LMD: Coming into MMA in 2018 you became V3 Fights Amateur Fighter Of The Year and started collected belts. What are your current belts?
KEVIN: I collected 5 belts total and my current belts are with SFC and Pyramid.

LMD: According to Tapology you are the #1 ranked Amateur Lightweight and Welterweight in TN and MS and #5 in the US Southeast. How do you feel about those accomplishments?
KEVIN: It is a great feeling but I have a lot more to do and prove.

LMD: You are a 2 time All American Wrestler. Did they make your transition into MMA easier?
KEVIN: It helped but consistent training and improving my skills.

LMD: Watching your fights I noticed you dominate with the ground and pound. Was that your game plan in the Wyles, Webster, and Clark fights?
KEVIN: My game plan for every fight is be present.

LMD: How does your Mom inspire you as a fighter and son?
KEVIN: My Mom is truly my inspiration. My mom has always been supportive in all aspects of my life.

LMD: What are 3 words that describe you Kevin?
KEVIN: Tenacious. Emotional. Intellectual. I am a thinker and I wear my feelings on my sleeve.

LMD: What is next for you in MMA?
KEVIN: Due to me not fighting much in 2020 I am looking forward to getting a few more fights this year and then moving up to pro.



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