Kaleb Harris is one of the most humble and dedicated fighters that I have met. He is a MMA and Bareknuckle Fighter who puts it all in the cage/ring. Kaleb was also BKFC KO Of The Year in 2019 and winning his recent BKFC fight had by first round KO.

LMD: What are your ultimate goals in Bareknuckle/MMA?
KALEB: To become the 165 champion and make my mark on history.
LMD: You have had some amazing knockouts in Bareknuckle. Is that your game plan going into the fight?
KALEB: No my plan is to always be better and out boxevery opponent if they go out then that’s all the better.
LMD: What makes your fight team special?
KALEB: We focus on each fight as it comes and we are a family. We take care of each other.
LMD: What division/weight class do you compete in?
KALEB: 165
LMD: What ways can a fighter recognize another fighter’s competing style/fight strategy?
KALEB: Studying film and it’s almost like you can sense the type of fighter a person is.
LMD: Which fight do you reflect on the most?
KALEB: My fight with jim akers
LMD: Who in your camp should your supporters keep an eye on in the future?
KALEB: Everyone we are all killers here.
LMD: What are the downsides about your profession and the perks?
KALEB: It’s not a sport for the faint of heart or pretty boys. Your gonna get hurt and cut. The perks are simple
I get to do what I love and get paid for it.
LMD: What drives you when you wake up each day?
KALEB: Being a better person every day.
LMD: If you get an injury or a loss who or what do you turn to for support?
KALEB: My team and family
LMD: What are your personal goals outside of MMA?
KALEB: To just live a happy life
LMD: What are 3 things you want fans to know aboutyou?
KALEB: 1.I’m very forgetful so if you message me and I Don’t respond I just forgot it’s nothing personal. 2. I put
my heart and soul into everything I do 3. I’m just a big nerd lol.
LMD: Briefly summarize an average day of your life
KALEB: Wake up work train play apex go to bed.


One thing you want to achieve: $10,000 dollars in charity for suicide awareness
Your bestfriend: Dustin Dipuma
Who is your hero/inspiration: Larry Ingle
Celebrity crush: Scarlet Johansson
Favorite Beverage: Mt. Dew
Describe yourself in 3 words: Geek Fighter Romantic
Best personality trait: I make people laugh
Favorite movie: Don’t have one
Your hidden talent: Fighting is all I’m good at
Dream vacation: The mountains or Australia
Favorite food: Steak
Toughest opponent: Jim Alers
Favorite sports team: Don’t have one

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