Devante Sewell started MMA due to his passion for competing in combat sports. 1 on 1 with a combat is a test to likes to experience. Since 2014 Devante has been working towards becoming a world champion and motivating others to believe in their dreams and set goals. He is a business owner and resides in Villa Rica GA.

LMD: Why did you start doing MMA and how long have you been competing?
DEVANTE: I started MMA because it is something I am passionate about competing in combat 1 on 1 with another man to test myself, and I have been competing in MMA since 2014.

LMD: What are your ultimate goals in MMA?
DEVANTE: To become a world champion, to motivate others to believe in their dreams and goals, and to provide generational wealth/opportunities for my future kids

LMD: Tell me a little about your hometown?
DEVANTE: Currently in Villa Rica,Georgia a small town 20 minutes outside of downtown Atlanta.

LMD: What makes your fight team special?
DEVANTE: We not only dream about our goals, but we work together to achieve them we started our own Team Ground N Pound no affiliates just us.

LMD: What different types of combat sports do you compete?
DEVANTE: I have competed in wrestling, kickboxing, boxing, bjj, and mma.

LMD: What division/weight class do you compete in?
DEVANTE: Featherweight

LMD: What ways can a fighter recognize another fighter’s competing style/fight strategy?
DEVANTE: By watching videos

LMD: Which fight do you reflect on the most?
DEVANTE: No fight in specific. Every fight is significant in its own way, but if I had to pick I would say my losses because that’s when I learned the most.

LMD: If you could have one dream fight with anyone, who would it be?
DEVANTE: Floyd Mayweather

LMD: When is your next fight?
DEVANTE: April 17th at the District in Atlanta GA

LMD: Who in your camp should your supporters keep an eye on in the future?
DEVANTE: Skyler King he’s up next!

LMD: What would you be doing if you were not fighting?
DEVANTE: It’s hard to say, but definitely something else that I am just as passionate about.

LMD: What drives you when you wake up each day?
DEVANTE: Being better than I was yesterday, being grateful for the blessing to have another day to get closer to my goals

LMD: If you get an injury or a loss who or what do you turn to for support?
DEVANTE: Myself, it all starts within.

LMD: From your perspective, what changes could be made to MMA for fighters?
DEVANTE: Better pay and same day weigh ins

LMD: What are your personal goals outside of MMA?
DEVANTE: To live my best life with the ones I love, to be healthy, to stay positive, and spread love.

LMD: Briefly summarize an average day of your life
DEVANTE: Do what you love, love what you do is what I focus on daily. I start my day with some tea or coffee and get right to training. After that I’m running my personal training business GrindTime Personal Training then alternating between my clients and get my own sessions in then squeezing food and rest in. Then ending my nights with dinner with my girlfriend.

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