What type of camera is a good choice for beginners that is affordable
DAISY: I started off with a Canon Rebel T6 (which I still have and use) it’s about $350 and honestly gets the job done and gets anyone that wants to learn photography comfortable with taking pictures.

Best accessories needed for a photo shoot and where to buy them
DAISY: I have to say that to this day I don’t own true photography gear lol, i mean people will say you NEED lighting and backdrops and expensive gear etc but for me I’ve only ever carried my camera, Flash and extra sd cards… nature and old buildings have served me perfectly for any shoots I have done honestly. I guess you could say I’m not a typical photographer

Things not to do during an event or photoshoot
DAISY: I truly can only speak for myself and for me I try to give fighters their space, unless they approach me at the events, i stay at a distance because i know that they are in their zone, I’m also quite shy so that helps too lol.

Importance of networking
DAISY: THE MOST important thing is networking, talking to promotion owners, introducing yourself to gym owners, putting your work out there on social media and tagging fighters you have shot at events for. the more your work is known the more work you will get.

Importance of lighting
DAISY: Oh my, this is every photographers kryptonite lol, you will do yourself a disservice if you don’t study the art of lighting honestly… photographers cannot control what lighting will be like at each event so the biggest stress atleast for me is waiting on that first matchup and figuring out what the lighting will be like for the rest of the night.

Types of photos fighters may need
DAISY: every fighter wants to have promo shots ready, the typical fighter stance, arms crossed and arms on the hip are the go to for every promotion. to have these tucked away and ready for when you get called for a fight is key, the better the quality, the better they will look on the fight posters

Any other advice
DAISY: Be GENUINE, fighters, gyms, promotions don’t have time for fakeness so if you show them you are truly genuine and truly care about this sport you will be golden and they will embrace you


LMD: What was your inspiration to become a combat photographer?
DAISY: I grew up in Martial Arts and have always had a love for the sport of MMA, I jumped at the opportunity. Believe it or not I prefer the off guard or the behind the scenes photos because it gives people an in depth look at the fighters and not just the persona that steps in the cage/ring..

LMD: Explain the feeling when you have a camera and you got the money shot?
DAISY: Crazy thing is I don’t have time during matches to check the shots I’ve taken so the fun part is getting home and going through the shots and seeing what i got, It is like watching the fights all over again lol.

LMD: What is the most unique or wildest photo you have captured?
DAISY: Wow this is a tough one, It would have to be the shot of Ben Parrish’s leg, His fight against Logan Woods in November of 2019 for SFC. It was that kind of shot where his leg was obviously broke and you could clearly see it, I didn’t share or post the pic.

LMD: What is your social media and contact info for anyone who wants to book you for events or personal photoshoots?
DAISY: My Instagram and facebook are both the same @GeminiSnowMMA

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