LMD: Introduce yourself to the LMD Readers.

NAWFSIDE LEE: Hey I’m Nawfside Lee, Owner of Josephine’s Kitchen. Born and raised in Jackson MS.

LMD: Who or what inspires you to become a businessman?

NAWFSIDE LEE:  I’ve always told myself as a youngster that I was going to be my own boss and the good LORD led me to be that.

LMD: Your food looks amazing. Tell us about your restaurant Josephine’s.

NAWFSIDE LEE:  Josephine’s Kitchen came about 4 years ago….I named it after my Grandmother…..Josephine’s restaurant is a family restaurant that loves to put smile on our customers faces through our food….I have special recipes that I put together to ensure our customers are pleased with their food…..I believe in if you spend your hard earned money it’s my job to make you’re satisfied.


LMD: What is your favorite dish to serve?

NAWFSIDE LEE: My favorite dish I love to serve are our award winning….Jacktown Sticky wings/Hennessy Wings….better get you some.

LMD: What are your thoughts on the music industry in general?

NAWFSIDE LEE: Me personally my thoughts on the music industry is I’m just getting use to some of these new guys cause I been stuck in my ways for a long time I’m still bumping stuff from the late 80s (even though I was born in 85) 90s and the early 2000s but I have adjusted to what’s going on. But I’ve always bump my people music where I’m from I always keep up with them and we have amazing right here in Jackson.

LMD: How did you become part of the movie Crosses?

NAWFSIDE LEE: My bro Meezy and Bean reached out to me back in 2017 and asked me to be a part of it and that’s something I couldn’t turn down because that’s a movie for the city. And we love our city.

LMD: Briefly summarize an average day of your life?

NAWFSIDE LEE: Wake take my kids to school….head to open up my restaurant from 11-7 leave there may have a couple meetings go back pick up my kids get them situated, get myself situated…lay back think of some more ways to get money and do it all over again the next day.

LMD: What are your 5 years goals?

NAWFSIDE LEE: To have Josephine’s Kitchen in 5 different states

LMD: What would you tell yourself 5-10 years ago?

NAWFSIDE LEE: Same thing I tell myself now keep GOD first and keep going up to the next level.

LMD: What is your definition of SUCCESS?

NAWFSIDE LEE: My definition of success is when you’re able to help other be successful right along with you…..making sure you’re family isn’t struggling…..knowing my kids won’t have to do anything stupid for some money cause by the time they’re old enough to be an adult they’ll be 💯


LMD: What music artists are in your current rotation on your phone/music app?

NAWFSIDE LEE: Boo Rossini, Jeezy, Boss B, DonoVegas, Rev. BankRoll, Bob Street, Boosie, Anthony Hamilton, Lil Baby Durk, Castron Dre, Rod Wave, 8Ball & MJG, UGK, Isley Brothers, Ojays, New Edition, 2pac, and a lot more Mississippi artist.

LMD: What is your social media/contact info for your supporters?

NAWFSIDE LEE: Nawfside_Lee on Instagram and Nawfside Lee on Facebook.

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