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Oboy Slim Launches Blog All About The Visuals


Oboy Slim is a rapper and entrepreneur with a successful visual blog and podcast. All About The Visuals focuses on the entertainment industry &
current events. All About The Visuals has millions of views on his youtube channel and is creating a nice subscriber base. Oboy Slim does promotions
and production for several new artists.

OBoy Slim’s first love has always been music and he currently working on hot new music. He will be dropping music independently under his own
label Slash Dis Dat. Check out OBoy Slim on his youtube channel and social media sites.

Instagram: oboyslim

The New Edition Story On BET


The 3 night New Edition Story was produce well and shared very private events in the group’s life. The rollercoaster ride starts with the infamous Home Again fight and ends with the BET 25 year performance. The casting of the NE members were outstanding. The younger cast of Jahi, Tyler, Dante, Caleb, & Myles transition to the adult cast of Algee, Woody, Elijah, Kieth, and Yazz was one of my favorite scenes.

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