Sumiko Inaba vs Kristina Katsikis In Flyweight Bout at Bellator MMA 259. Both fighters have similar records, age, and size. Sumiko debuted in the Bellator cage with a 1-0 cage with a 1st round TKO. This is Katsikis’s Bellator debut with a 1-1 record. 1st round started with great back and forth with both ladies getting some strikes ending with Inaba landing over 60% of her strikes and some powerful elbows winning the round. Inaba shows she is a complete upcoming MMA fighter. Katsikis gets a take down in round 2 but Inaba keeping control of the flow of the fight landing more powerful elbows with ground and pound. The fight almost went the full 15 minutes ending in round 3 with Inaba defeating Katsikis by unanswered strikes (TKO). With all respect Katiskis is a tough fighter and Inaba gave her props on being a tough opponent.

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