Cris Cyborg, Bellator’s Featherweight World Champion enters the ring with Leslie Smith for a rematch 5 years in the making. Cyborg entered this fight 23-2 and Smith entered 12-8-1 and both are ready for war in this rematch. Their first fight was in front of a 50,000 fans. Cyborg knocks down Smith in the first round followed by a takedown paired with hammer fists. Smith does not back down but keep pressing forward without fear. Cyborg combos are unbelievable and her punches sounds like kicks. Powerful round 2 for the current Champ.


Smith held her own but Cyborg owned round 3. Cyborg knocks down and takes down Smith in the 4th round but again Smith determination is front and center. Smith just will not give up against the power of Cyborg 125 strikes from rounds 1 to 4. Cyborg takes down Smith and she works her way back on her feet. Smith has not dominated this fight but she stood her ground and remained on her feet until the last 9 seconds of the final round. Smith redeemed herself but Cyborg dominated this rematch and defends her belt successfully by TKO. Cyborg is a True Legend in the MMA World!!!!!!


Cris Cyborg is one of the most feared and respected in the MMA world. Cyborg has won 4 Championships in 4 major promotions and defended all 4. Cyborg debuted in 2009 on Showtime and has had an amazing 16 year career. Known to walk fighters down in the cage but is always helping and giving back to others.


Smith is ready for this rematch with Cyborg and wants to take the belt home with her. Smith is a skilled fighter and has heart combined with confidence. Smith has fought the best of the best and she does not back down. Her thoughts are we get paid to fight so lets go. Smith has never been submitted.

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